Don’t lie, tell me the truth, because by the expression on your face it was never in you. Just be real with yourself, stick to your morals boo. Could tell you right now that I enjoyed being in your presence. One thing for sure two things in this message. If you make it back to square one you haven’t quite learned your lesson, TRUTH.

Will put doubt into certainty, then fiction into a conspiracy trap and if it all fails; hi I’m honest. You miss me? Logical thinking tripped the switch to indifferently speaking. Where did it all go? The thoughts of positivity? The message? You and I were given the ability to read and now the comprehension isn’t English. Wait, I’m confused. Are you?
Let me wrap my mind around, yet scratch my head at this culturally endured of a word named TRUTH. In which can bring fourth peace and the same cents of financial deficiency unused. It remains to be untold in the light where birthed in it’s purest form but in a rather deceptive ideology. Instead of leisure you bring me idiocies and idiotically discrepancies. So the TRUTH of the matter or of what may you have it, is the laws of what’s attracting the presence or simply defining the abscence… so guess who?? YOU!!

I know my TRUTH, what’s yours?



Controversial Digression

What will it take for one to understand logic over argumentive acceptances? The act in my Plans of imminent change exceed my reasons to believe that I stand corrected in most cases. Now to admitting that I’m wrong. Something I nonchalantly look forward to on occasions, but it soothes me to know that I’m making it. I’m an achiever with a mindset of determining what’s rightfully mines by  undermining my aspect of what’s subjectively not yours. This concept goes on for hours so it seems. aving my mind pacing, in comparison to a few miles on the treadmill and a few sets of weight exercising. That’s my example of a good days workout; I would say.

Yet, it wouldn’t just stop there, for later I could conclude that consistency showed results. I was solely on a road for greatness, which was lost but now found. On occasions, instances would later reveal itself in a renewable form. In a numbers game I’m adding things up and putting them together.